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1When we are in front of Alps, we can see the magical mountain peaks, valleys and slopes, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, rivers and green forests which surprise you and you can not forget.

Among the precious values of the Albanian Alps, without a doubt, a special place occupies even Valbona valley. The name “Valbona” is used for the valley, the river, the village and also for many albanian girls. It also serves as a surname for some families.


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Here, at first sight, you can see the sea, the sand, the mountain, the valley, the forest, such attractive beauties that elders call it the place of 600 wood-nymphs (Nymph, Water-nymph). These were the rulers of this area.

Oct 2012

Shkodra Lake

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shkodra lake1Shkodra lake , situated between the Sea and Alpes , represents one of the most precious treasures that nature offered to the humans , which lived from the centuries along its coast .This lake has an attractive view , giving to the landscape a magic beauty , and harmonizing all its elements to the climax . In this way the creative water capacity of the lake and its suburbs are innumerous.

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Tourism in Albania:

- In 1913, Austrian experts established tourism in their study as a priority after agriculture.
- In 1926, the Albanian government planned the tourism development.
- In 1927, our consul in Sweden published a guide for tourism.
- In 1928, the government designed the program and gave laws for tourism.
- In 1934, the administrative center of tourism in Thethi was organized (Photo)
- In 1940-1943, “Drini” magazine was published, the book "Mountains of Albania" was published, too.
- In 1952-1966 many holiday camps, holiday homes, tourist centers were built .
- In 1958 a guide for tourism was published.

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Tourism development in Shkodra Written by Marsel Fregjaj
Being one of the largest cities of Albania endowed with rich cultural and historical tradition, Shkodra is also a very important cultural center that attracts tourists. She is distinguished for the ancient castle and the cultural monuments such as churches and mosques with a unique architectural value

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