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shkodra lake1Shkodra lake , situated between the Sea and Alpes , represents one of the most precious treasures that nature offered to the humans , which lived from the centuries along its coast .This lake has an attractive view , giving to the landscape a magic beauty , and harmonizing all its elements to the climax . In this way the creative water capacity of the lake and its suburbs are innumerous.


shkodra lake2

Here live in harmony many plants , species , fishes , birds and animals .                                                                            Some of them are considered of a particular importance . Therefore for the inhabitants near its shores , it represents an alimental , cultural and healthy-wealthy treasure resource as well , in fantastic levels . This phenomena got the attention of many famous persons , local people and foreigners .                                                                           ---One the lake area and its suburbs , there are many natural monuments , as well as cultural ones of a particular importance . All these values are unique and therefore demand big devotion and responsibility , not only from the community but also from the further more distances .


“ Eternal Values “ .                                                                                                                    
shkodra lake3The lake and its suburbs , fits to the conditions of a didactic environment to proper scientific  studies , making as so possible the introduction to its natural-historical values , which are interesting for the region and further more .                                                                                                                                                                              ---Thanks Buna river  , the rivers and the resources which feed the lake , this one every 4-5 times per year is self cleaning . ( It is to get emphasized that the animal water capacity 2.2 times bigger than the Whole water amount of Israel ).                                                                                                                                                            The lake with all its value fits to the criterias of a natural monument and being as so , its categorization is delivered immediately . (This in agreement with two countries ) . One the other hand it is time to prepare and draft projects to the lake , also preparing proper scientific studies , including the scientific experts of Shkodra and Podgorica Universities . This would help to the drafting of a long frame project , which aim sand undertakes the preservation of all resources with uncalculated values .In this way we’ll achieve our duties , and the next generation will also pay tribute to us later .  


“ Shkodra Lake Legend“ .                                                                                                                    
shkodra lake4Shkodra Lake Legend It is said that Shkodra Lake was watery line , which was furnished from a fountain . The fountain used to get closed , and it was opened only when the village women went to get water . One nightfall , a young bride , while was getting water at the fountain , got the wonderful news of her husband coming back home , from abroad . Drunk from the joy , she forget the fountain opened and ran away . During the whole night the fountain flowed , and then the morning came , there was no more watery line . Instead of , there was the to-day lake , which got called “ Shkodra Lake “ . 


The Lake Coast
It is extended from the union point of the lake with Buna river till in Vranja , were the slope get to the water . This is so-called “ The Lake Coast “ .
The Lake Depth
Around 70% of the Lake Depth is located near the coast . here is the so-called “ lakebed “ , which is known from the earliest periods as the Moraca Line .
The areas round the Lake prove a high enlightening index  . Despite the electricity enlightening , the villages are enlightened from the light reflection on the Lake watery surface , and that of the mountain slopes .       The mountains create a kind of frame round the lake , protecting in this way the environment and the marvelous landscape .
It is extended from the lake flow area in buna River till in Vranja . Here , is where the earth comes out of the water , the so-called wetlands . You get the impressions of the lagoons .                                                               On this area , there are used to nest many fish and birds species . There are many populated villages round the lake , where are cultivated agricultural plants and domestic animals .
About 80% of the inhabitants live near the Lakeshores , and about 20% near the lake coasts .
Averagely on Shkodra lake there counted 5600°C , 2550 hours of enlightening .                                                      1800 mm of rainfall . Here are 65 fish species , 240 birds’ species , over 800 plants species , etc …In the villagers’ gardens , there is cultivated : the olive , the pomegranate , the quince , the chestnut and the fig etc….
SHKODRA , our old city , has a good position with mountains , fields , hills rivers , lake and sea creating a great landscape , every painter would feel limited in expressing himself in his proper work .

Water Lily Numphea Alba  A plant that during the spring gives marvelous flowers . It is grown in the waters near the lake .
Image shows plants from nearby the lake

shkodra lake5


WaterChestnut                                                                                                                                                                     Trapa Longirostris
Herbal plant that sometimes goes about 20-30 m of length . this plant as many others is going to disappear  That’s why  it needs to take care about it in the Shkodra lake waters .
Shkodra weirs have been built up since the earliest periods , in supporting position with the islands , extended just where the lake flows to the Buna River. Apart their important function , related on fishing , they have a decorative one to this part of the Shkodra in earliest periods and nowadays .
Shkodra weirs have not only economical values , but their existence has historical values , too . The weirs can consider as a pure proves to the antiquity of the Shkodra city. Being  as important economical object , their existence and the respective role to the city economy were mentioned on the documents of earliest periods , written from different authors , historians , etc…

Shkodra lake shores zone , is one of the oldest regions in Balkans , regarding plant cultivation and animal growth . This zone is laid on the southwestern part of the Balkans. Studies proved that between hydrography and demography , there is a strong relation . From the earliest periods , thanks of the lake , Buna , -Drin , —Kir , -Cemi , and moraca Rivers , made possible the existence of the antique citizenship .                                                                                                                                                 

shkodra lake7The zone clime is of the Mediterranean kind , where during the whole year , there are to be counted , 5490°C , 2520 hours-light , and 1797 mm rainfall , and the river flow of about 22 milliards of m3 water . In this zone , since the earliest periods there was created a special cultural agriculture . The antique authors emphasized  the Shkodra City importance , especially toward the salt trade , wood trade , fish , agricultural products and metals. Here it is what M.Barleti wrote about : “ you can see farmers that dig their land , crofter that reap the bread grains , fishermen fishing in the river and in the lake (what a lake is it) , a great of fish amount !  And there  are vineyards , fountains , the lake and anything else , created from the nature to get glad the man. Further more , since the antiquity period , medieval and till the ‘50s of the last century , along the whole zone , that rounds the lake , there was developed the traditional agriculture .
Its products were privies of chemicals . So there were cultivated autoctonic kinds of plants and animals of relevant importance and values. The crofters’ zone with devotion and culture , succeeded in creating pure values that survived through centuries . So , about cereals there are to be mentioned  Mays and grain; fruit-growing : the “Kaldrun” mulberry ;  the “ Rakatjele ” pear , the “ Koplike ” and  “ Vranac “ vineyard ; the Kraja and “ Reci ” chestnut ; the  “ Zagora ” walnut ; the “ Kopliku ” and “ Kraja ” tobacco ; animals as “ Cows and sheep from Shkodra “ , etc… These and other productions of the kind were requested not only in the Shkodra , Ulcinj , Tivar and Podgorica trade , but also on the other European trades and further more .  There are over 150.000 inhabitants on the Shkodra Lake and Buna River shores . Almost 30.000 of them live by agriculture , animals , fruit growing and vineyard , fishing , etc…  on the lake they’re many kinds of fishes and birds. They consist in a marvelous enrichment .lake shores slopes and the fields around it , where the conditions are conveyable to the cultivation of around 140 species of plants and domestic animals . The largest part of this field area , consists on meadows and pasturages of many plants species .

shkodra lake8Shkodra lakeshores are covered from secular forests that among their decorative function use to protect and to preserve the waters. The largest part of the forests consists on : willows , poplars , elms , ashes , alders , etc…  On the shores part , on the Kraja slopes , were used to cultivate the Kashnjeta chestnuts , the oak forests and other plants with medicinal values. Around 20.000 beehives were cultivated on the villages around the lake. Then , there were areas with grain , corn , tobacco , vegetables , vineyards , fruit-growing , and other plants .   It was just on this area , that the villagers grow up domestic animals as : horses , pigs , birds , cows , ships , etc …   All these were significant for the existence of this important area . The old tradition of digging the earth and that of domestic animals growing , drew the attention of many visitors from abroad .                                                                                                                                                         Son , on 1807 , Kolonela informed Paris , about the work level of the crofters of Shkodra , was the same as in France.  About this question , witnessed Hann (1854) , Miss Durham (1907) and later Nopce , etc . All this work , made possible that during the centuries , the zone products in agriculture and animals , could fulfill its proper needs. From many data , we get that from  1393 till  1939 , in Shkodra customs there have been exported great amounts of cereals ( grain , corn , millet , barley ) , industrial plants  (tobacco , flax ) , animal products , leather , wool , honey , eggs , wax , oil , fish , etc … But after the 50’s , there have occurred changes on the Shkodra Lake shores , too : bland improvements , deforestation , technologies import that changed the traditional methods. After the 90’s of the last century and later , it became evident the tend toward traditional  criteria development.This last affected toward the pollution decreasing , pure products , which are preferred from tourists , whom number increase every year. Anyway there is too much work to be done toward the crofters’ education and promotion to extend this tradition , but one the other hand to persuade buyers for the high quality of the special products of the organic agriculture

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