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(Description):___ ___________This tour is designed for people who love nature and its wild beauty. The tour offers the chance to experience an adventure, at the same time discovering the wonderful cultural and natural heritage of Albania one of the most mysterious countries in Europe. By fishing on the chosen places participants can feel the real spirit of Albanian nature. By enjoying time with local people and enjoying traditional food they can feel the Albanian local culture.
Kind of fishing:
1) (Sea fishing)  ____________Yes______________
2) (River fishing)____________Yes______________
3) (Lake, pond, reservoir fishing)_______Yes______
4) (Ice fishing)___________________________
5) (Underwater fishing)____________________
6) (Fly fishing) ___________________________
7) (Trolling)______________________________
8. Jigging________________________________                       
To mark necessary items with *

Guide in fishing:  ______________Yes______________

Fishing seasons:__________April-October___________________
* Species of fish:


cyprinus_carpius19-500Cyprinus carpio

Italiano Carpa

Shqip Krap

Srpsko Ŝaran

English Carp

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One day guide in Shkodra

One day guide in Shkodra


- Buna bridge-city town.

- Traditional house that functions as a bar-restaurant.

- The Church.

- Ebu Beker Mosque.

- Marubi phototeque.

- Archeological museum.

- “ Rozafa”  castle

- Monte” restaurant or to “Shkodran Taverna”

- Lunch

- Arrival at the border


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One day at Shkodra Lake

One day at Shkodra Lake


Grouping at the Vranjina in front of our bench. Start with cruising on the Shkodra lake, we 
                     start  from Vranjina – Grmožur – Starčeva  gorica – Beška – Lesendro – Karuč – Vranjina. 
                     With  lunch at Karuč

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