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Albanian Hospitality:

In the tower of the highlander of Malësia e Madhe you can find bread, trust and fortitude

IMG 4637The expression of the host in the door of the tower, when he meets the guest in the threshold is quite special, without a doubt, is an old testament maintained generation to generation in Malësia e Madhe. From the time that boundaries between people and myths and legends was not defined.

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Albanian wisdom

Expression of  Albanian wisdom

A friend is like a sweet sunny day.
Write the bad things in the sand and the good things in the rock.
Big ideas are formed in great spirits.
If you wont to set free your own heart, do not fulfill her desires.
Deserves to reign as sovereign, he who knows how to solve advisers.
Do not talk much to say little, but speak little to mean a lot.
World belongs to entrepreneurs who know how to keep wisdom.
Challenged as far as an idea, becomes more powerful.
Freedom is  to do the right  what the law allows.
When there is no law there is no violation of the law.
Better dead under the ground, that the dishonor on land.
The real treasure of the world is the mind and honor.
To save the life of a man is more valuable than building a multistory building.

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