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How beautiful if it happened this way

How beautiful if it happened this way
Gjergj Kastrioti400The environment itself dictated that the first pelasgian was conceived in the interior of a bird as the Eagle was. The goat that lived near the peaks where the eagle had the nests, undertook to grow him up. Then later the education was necessary and this was undertook by the Oak. Here in the Dodona of Epirus, the nature took care about this kind of tree with a special appearance. Here in the Holy Dodona,  under the crown of this tree, the pelasgian putting both hands in the ground began to pray but what was special was that here he also received the explanation of the unknown and the mysteries of the future. Here the service was done by the Oracle for which the natives had many honors. This continued generation to generation until the hero of Albanians Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu undertook the destinies of his country, although he moved to Krujë he took the symbols from antiquity, so he put the eagle in the flag as was believed that the predecessors had the origine. He put the head of the goat in the helmet and the leaves of the oak in the pelerine and called himself King of Epirus.

Ahmet Osja, 2007

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