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(Description):___ ___________This tour is designed for people who love nature and its wild beauty. The tour offers the chance to experience an adventure, at the same time discovering the wonderful cultural and natural heritage of Albania one of the most mysterious countries in Europe. By fishing on the chosen places participants can feel the real spirit of Albanian nature. By enjoying time with local people and enjoying traditional food they can feel the Albanian local culture.
Kind of fishing:
1) (Sea fishing)  ____________Yes______________
2) (River fishing)____________Yes______________
3) (Lake, pond, reservoir fishing)_______Yes______
4) (Ice fishing)___________________________
5) (Underwater fishing)____________________
6) (Fly fishing) ___________________________
7) (Trolling)______________________________
8. Jigging________________________________                       
To mark necessary items with *

Guide in fishing:  ______________Yes______________

Fishing seasons:__________April-October___________________
* Species of fish:


cyprinus_carpius19-500Cyprinus carpio

Italiano Carpa

Shqip Krap

Srpsko Ŝaran

English Carp





alburnus_alburnus03-400Alburnus albidus alborella
Italiano Alborella meridionale
Shqip Gjuca, Srpsko Ukljeva
English Italianbleak











leuciscus_cephalus_albusLeuciscus cephalus 

Italiano Cavedano

Shqip Mlysh,
Srpsko Klijen
English Europeanchub







Anguilla anguilla
Italiano Anguilla
Shqip Ngjala
Srpsko Jegulja
English Eel








dicentrarchus_labrax-500Dicentrarchus labrax
Italiano  Branzino o Spigola
Shqip Levreku
Srpsko Brancin
English Bass or Seabass







agoneAlosa falaxnilotica
Italiano Cheppia
Shqip Kubla,
Srpsko Fraga
English Twaite shad



Chondrostoma nasus
Italiano Naso
Shqip Njila
Srpsko Podust skobalj  
English Sneep













Stizostedion lucioperca  
Italiano Lucioperca o Sandra
Shqip Luci ose Lucioperke Srpsko Smuđ
English Pikeperch







Carassius carassius
Italiano Carassio,
Shqip Karasi
Srpsko Karaš
English Crucian carp








  1. barbus_meridionalis06-500Barbus meridionalis
  2. Italiano Barbo canino
  3. Shqip barbuni ose Mrena 
  4. Srpsko Krkusa ili Potocna mrena
  5. English Mediterranean barbel





Peflu_u2Perca fluviatilis
Italiano Pesce Persico
Shqip Sharmaku
Srpsko Grgec ili Bandar
English Perch




  1. liza_ramada-500Lizaramada
  2. Italiano Cefalo Calamita
  3. Shqip Qefulli i vjeshtës 
  4. Srpsko Tenkousti cipelj
  5. English Thinlip Mullet






Also there are other marine species.
* Season________________ April-October ____
* (Necessary equipment for fishing):_________Fishing with hook___________
 (The fields, marked with * are only for 1 kind of fish and 1 season). If you have other variants, copy the fields and fill in them correspondingly).

Provided equipment:____________  if asked in advance hook for each participant is provided on an extra price.



Tour for sport fishing

  1. Day -  “Vau Dejes” Lake ( Zone of Gomsiqe)

Fishing in Vau i Dejes, Zone of Gomsiqe (over the hydropower dam)
Fishing place and lunch at “Perla” bar restorant (short break)
Bridge of Gomsiqe and the zone around it, fishing
Accommodation in Spathar “Dea”

  1. Day  - Lake of Koman hydropower

Sailing with boat or speedboat
Fishing in different zones of fish residences (4-5 main places)
Viewing the wonderful nature of the place. 
Break. Lunch at “Dugaja ne Breg te Liqenit”  (Lesniqe)
Fishing in Lesniqe
Dinner at “Vila e Francezit” in Koman
Accommodation in “Vila e Francezit” in Koman

  1. Day – Fishing with fishing rods in Koman Lake (under the Koman dam)

Fishing with rods in the holes of the waterfalls of Koman hydropower.
Lunch in Spathar at “Dea”
Sport fishing in the Vau i Dejesit canal , at the “Old Bridge”(Ura e Vjeter) ajnd the “New Bridge” (Ura e Re)
Fishing with rods in the Lake of Spathar
Accommodation in Shkoder


  1. Day – Shkodra Lake

Sport fishing in the shore of Shkodra Lake, near  “Restorant Kraja”
Fishing at Puntili in Shiroka village
Lunch in Shiroka village
Fishing after Shiroka at “Zalli i Bardhe” in Zogaj village
Dinner in Zogaj
Accommodation in Shiroka village

  1. Day – Forest of Bishti and Vraka

Departure from Shiroka village, sailing to “Bishti Forest”
Fishing at “Bishti Forest”
Lunch, picnic in the forest
Fishing at “Vraka Forest”
Dinner and accommodation in Shkoder


  1. Day - Rec Pulaj and Buna River

Sport fishing in Rec Pulaj village
Buna river
Lunch, picnic in the forest -?
Accommodation in the hotel
Free time for the beach

  1. Day – Buna Delta and the protected and managed zone “Rezervati i Velipojes”

Fishing in the Delta of Buna river
Fishing in the shore near the Delta of Buna river
Walk in the forest , in“Rezervati i Gjuetise ”
Accommodation in Velipoja


  1. Day – Lagoon of Viluni

Fishing in the lagoon of Viluni
Fishing in the canal of the lagoon of Viluni
Visit in the touristic village Rrjoll
Accommodation in Velipoja

  1. Day – End of the Tour



For more information about:

Group size

Transportation and Luggage



General Costs Info

Practical information on the tour

Please fulfill the Information Form 


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