In a village of the highlands was a girl famous for her extraordinary beauty, who was called Mare. This girl was famous not only for her beauty but also because she was very honest, hard worker and she had a firm character and will and over all she was brave and fearless. Therefore, not only the boys of her village proposed her for marriage but also the boys of other villages tried hardly to marry her. But Mare did not want, she answered that she will not marry and that she will become a nun. This was just an excuse to dismiss the numerous proposals made to her because the real reason was another. She loved too much Gjin, a simple shepherd, who knew since she did not know what love was and when her purest heart was not conquered by that fire of love that had conquered her at that time. 


She knew Gjin in the mountain, where they shepherded the cattle and where they passed the hot season talking and with a simple love.Among boys of other villages who proposed Mare to marry was also a rich and famous boy called Pjeter. He had seen Mare and he fell in love immediately so he could not eat, drink and sleep. He promised a great gift for the person who would help him to marry Mare. But Mare could not forget her love and the word of honor she gave to Gjin. Pjeter knew about the story of Mare with Gjin and very furious about the refusal that Mare did to his proposal, decided to kill Gjin, thinking that he was the cause of this refusal. And he did not wait to put in action this criminal decision. It was summer, when the two lovers were staying on a wood, as two innocent birds, they were talking with love, when suddenly a gun shooting was heard and in this moment poor Gjin fell down. He killed me- he said. Mara knew Pjeter, while he was escaping and she said “Wicked dog, I will not leave you alive”. And immediately raised him and kissed him. Fortunately, Gjin was still alive, the wound he took was not dangerous. He was wounded in the right thigh. Immediately she went at the top of the hill where the village could be seen and shouted to announce the disaster happened to them. After half an hour they came and raised Gjin, before going Mare said to Gjin “Don’t worry Gjin, because within the week I will take revenge”.

That day Mare took care also for the Gjin’s sheep,  in the evening she led her sheep to the house and then she led those of Gjin, and in that case she saw him again, as brave she gave him courage and repeated to him “ Gjin don’t worry, because within the week I will take revenge” and then added “ While I will finish this work, take care about the sheep, and then until you get better I will take care for my sheep and your sheep”. Then after she gave the hand to Gjin, added “ Hope you will get better soon Gjin, be courageous as a brave man you are” and then she left.

When Mare arrived home, she said to her mother “ Mother did you learned about our disaster, I will take revenge so please take care about the sheep at this time”.

The next day Mare found two very good pistols from Venice and a large spike. After she cleaned the pistols, she filled them and the day after tomorrow with them and the spike she went to Pjeter’s village. She arrived at noon and after she learned the enemy’s house with a strange courage she went inside and found Pjeter while he was eating. He was very surprised. Mare without loosing time took the two pistols and said to him “wicked dog I have come to take revenge for one day before, but not as a coward but as brave and she killed him and left.

Mare, so happy that she fulfilled the wish, arrived at Gjin’ house and said to him “Be happy Gjin because I revenge. Pjeter, the wicked coward, is not alive anymore, I killed him”.

Mare, the next day, armed with the two pistols and the spike, went to graze the sheep and  in the noon she led them to the usual place. She was very tired so she fell asleep. At the moment the dog started to bark and a gun shooting was heard. The poor girl woke up , looked around, took the pistols and she noted that she was surrounded by six armed persons.

She took the pistols and killed one of them, another one was wounded and since she had no time to fill them, because they have surrounded it closely, in order to embarrass her, she left the pistols on the ground and went to the nearest of them with angry and courage and killed him with the spike and wounded another, but the two last of them which remained without being injured, conquered her.

However she was protecting herself with the spike on the hand, but at the end she could not resist to the two men, which were trying to dishonor her so she thrust the spike to her heart and said: Gjin, I maintained the faith”. After few minutes the two injured men died and the two cowards who remained alive left after they left four of their friend dead. People who passed at this place and saw the disaster that happened, announced in the village, and poor Gjin, when learned about this was too much despaired. Although his leg was not cured, he arrived at the mountain and after he saw Mare dead with the 

spike in the heart, that she thrust to protect her honor, he took it and thrust it in his heart saying “I am dying near you, faithful Mare” and remained dead on the ground. Since then the legend says that in the place where was poured the blood of the two faithful lovers, sprang a flower, a red lily, which was called Marlule, Mare’ flower), which scientifically is called Liliumbulbiferum, and surprisingly in the North Albania, in the north of Vermosh, there is a mountain peak called Marlule’s Peak!





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