Hospitality: In the tower of the highlander of Malësia e Madhe you can find bread, trust and fortitude.

The expression of the host in the door of the tower, when he meets the guest in the threshold is quite special, without a doubt, is an old testament maintained generation to generation in Malësia e Madhe. From the time that boundaries between people and myths and legends was not defined. The mother ordered the child to have a happy face when he was in the front of the guest.The highlander of Malësi e Madhe including Këlmendi and Shkreli treated the guest in the house as a half God. (The guest and the moon shine our house).Here the house is of the God and the guest.

They say to the guest at home: Urdhno (You order)!

The value of the guest exceeded the values of the feud.

The highlander said: Better a friend than a feud.

The fireplace should smoke, talking with the guest, the sheepfold and the bees were properties that enjoy the highlander.

Only in this form he believes that he fulfills the trust and the wishes of ancestors leaving this tradition to the successors and responding to the social demands of the province.

The highlander waits and accompanies the guest where he meets his children.

The trust is stronger than the steel.

The guest is accompanied to the fountainhead, the church and the log.

When the guest sang and spoke wisely in the assembly, he honored himself and his friend.

They talk, sang and mention this for not forgetting.

The wish: May God add your friends and children.

Prepared by: Armand Qose



• The cow has forgotten she was once a calf.


• The ass knows in whose face he brays.


• Sweep before your own door before you sweep before others.


• Sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease.


• See the weakest fruit drops earliest to the ground.


• Put cream and sugar on a fly and it tastes very much like a black raspberry.


• Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.


• One should eat to live, not live to eat.


• Old shoes wear best.


• Your eye is the only way you can judge things

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